Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)


To provide better browsing experience along with faster speed, higher reliability and bigger bandwidth to your users in the company or organisation, you need our DIA services. They offer:
Fast, high capacity bandwidth from 4 Mbit/s up to 10 Gbit/s or even multiple of 10Gbps
High levels of security with content filtering (in compliance with the authorities)
Completely IPv6 supported Network backbone
IPv4 and IPv6 Internet Connectivity
Static Public IP address
Shortest path to the Global Internet cloud by ultimate Routing optimisation
Unshared bandwidth allocation for each customer
End-to-end high availability (Multiple protection Paths)
Service is provisioned when you need them, with provisioning guarantee by SLAs
24/7 Customer Services and Support (CSS and Network Ops)
Round the clock monitoring by Aries Systems’ Network Operations Center (NOC)


As people increasingly rely on virtualization, it’s critical the Internet enhances business performance and doesn’t deter from it. A quicker connection can positively affect your customers’ experience and set you apart from competitors.

To maximize internal operations, every transaction needs to take place securely, reliably and in real time &mdash no matter where your employees or suppliers are located. At Aries Systems, we know you not only need an Internet connection that exceeds expectations, but also a provider that offers comprehensive solutions for all of your business requirements. The Aries Systems' Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service combines vital business Internet features with maximum global reach and scalability


Business Solutions

1. Grow with the Right Provider
Your company requirements are always expanding in both complexity and bandwidth demand. Aries Systems is equipped to meet your increasing needs &mdash not only because we operate one of the best networks, but also because our team is dedicated to enabling you to find the best services for your business.

2. Your Network Security
Hacking attack happens daily and can cost a huge cost to the company. Aries Systems has excellent network level security, combined with centralized, in-house expertise, to help ensure that we not only provide a fast dedicated connection, we provide a secure one too.

3. Greater Operational Efficiency
Connect wherever you are with multiple access and bandwidth options supported by flexible offerings, customized to seamlessly accommodate your varying needs. Reach your customers, staff and business partners with predictable data delivery supported by our excellent sales team, customer service and Service provisioning time.

5. Technical Capabilities
Multiple access options with Ethernet (FastE, GigE, 10GigE) connectivity
Direct Internet over Ethernet over DWDM – Super high speed, protected and reliable network
Seamless Ipv4 and Ipv6 connectivity from fully converged IP backbone
Customer are encouraged to use Ipv6 Network connectivity and Aries Systems will assist customers as and when necessary
Supported by Aries Systems Security services for increased protection and network performance
24 x 7 Customer Service, network monitoring, management and technical support
6. Why Choose Aries Systems for DIA Service?
Efficiently support your growing business with our scalability, reliability and global reach.
Tier-1 Partners serving the most destinations around the world
Direct connection to distribution gateway over Ethernet link
High-speed, resilient and scalable Network Platform
Fewer network hops for a higher quality connection
Drive operational efficiency with a provider you can rely on.
Flexible service management options
Staff of R&D and Solution Engineers dedicated to finding the best services to meet your business needs
24 x 7 Customer and Technical support at all levels
Outstanding SLAs and rapid Service activation
Support for Native IPv6 or Dual Stack Network Backbone
Excellent network protection with sophisticated traffic monitoring tools and enhanced Access control
Online traffic utilisation tools for you to view daily traffic flow
Weekly International peering updates to find better routes and paths to most used destinations


Aries Systems’ DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) service from 4Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s or even more uses Carrier Ethernet over DWDM (EoDWD) from Customer premises to the Distribution IP gateway that routes the traffic to International IP gateway. The service is always provisioned with multiple protection paths, to ensure highest level of availability.

Aries Systems’ offers its customers with efficient routing to global destination with an option to further improve on case to case basis.

Customers are given access to online monitoring to keep eyes on their houry, daily and weekly usage. This keeps customers uptodate for informed if they need to go for an upgrade.

Service View

Service Coverage

Aries Systems offers DIA service at any of its supported Public Datacentres or to the customer premises within Aries Systems Metro Ethernet Network coverage. In Klang Valley, there are more than 1000 commercial and residential buildings and developments where Aries Systems’ DIA service is offered as of March 2014. Please refer to Network Coverage page for more information.