Change the way you use technology with Ethernet Networking Services.

Government agencies are under pressure to reduce spending as revenues decline while trying to maintain acceptable levels of services. Every government department has to provide the necessary information electronically to the public to maintain their trust and satisfaction. The volume of information shared among agencies and accessed by private and public entities continues to increase as more information is delivered in electronic format.

Aries Systems' Ethernet-based Internet services address government networking challenges by providing:

Connectivity for multiple government facilities to hub site locations for centralized Internet access, voice and secure intranet connections
Centralized management at hub site Ethernet-based Internet access point
Data storage and applications to be moved to centralized data centers without sacrificing application performance
High performance Ethernet networking by leveraging Aries Systems’ enhanced fiber optic network
Scalable bandwidth from 4Mbps to 10Gbps
Completely flexible Class of Service options to meet different application performance requirements for voice and video