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Healthcare organizations are migrating from printed to electronic records to meet 21st century patient and regulatory demands. This increase in information storage, plus the retrieval of patient records and imaging data requires large amount of bandwidth. Healthcare organizations are challenged to meet these demands while controlling costs and providing the highest quality care.

Most of the health care organizations are also needs to be connected to their local and regional branches to share and retrieve the medical information. Centralised information keeping is most critical and to meet this system need, the network solutions has to be reliable, yet cost effective.

Aries Systems' Business Ethernet services address the challenges in the industry and provide solutions for any need.

Flexible network solutions and connectivity between data centers, hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices to access centralized medical records
Move electronic medical records from local to centralized storage while improving access by medical practitioners and patients
Meet the high bandwidth needs for remote diagnosticians to view patients’ medical imaging data from picture archiving and communication system (PACS)
Backup and restore medical data between data centers for disaster recovery and business continuity
Dedicated Internet that provides connectivity for partners and patients
Scalable bandwidth from 4Mbps to 10Gbps as and when needed
Totally flexible to support any Class of Service to best meet the different healthcare application performance requirements
Provide high performance networking by leveraging Aries Systems’ enhanced fiber optic network