Mobile Backhaul Solution


How do you deploy the fastest Network in a fastest way!

Mobile subscribers serving rich multimedia applications on their devices and they expect the Cellular Data to provide higher speed&mdashanywhere and anytime. That’s placing tremendous demands on Mobile operators to build high capacity, next generation networks. Cellular operators need the network solution that enable them to deliver high-quality, Low latency and big bandwidth services as they move to 4G LTE networks and beyond.

Aries Systems provides a simple, cost-effective path from 2G/3G to 4G LTE mobile networks&mdashwhile laying a secure reliable foundation for more flexible, cost-effective, scalable, end to end Ethernet over DWDM networks that are suitable for today’s bandwidth-intensive applications.

Aries Systems MBH solution is mainly designed for the cellular operators who are aggressively migrating their 2G/3G Networks to 4G/LTE platform. The network which is scalable, customizable, reliable and can be deployed within the shortest feasible time frame to reduce the pressure on the cellular service providers from the regulators to speed up the deployment.

The Need!

Increasing demand for bandwidth due to increasing number of user Over 3G and the data consumption growth is demanding for even higher bandwidth through 4G/LTE

In order for Celllular operators to offer 4G/LTE services, the Towers/Cell sites needs to be fiberized to support this new technology evaluation.

In some cases the mobile backhaul or fiber network is also used to offload the Data from 3G networks to save cellular resources to support voice services.

4G/LTE come with the predefined and very high quality Service Specs such as:
Transparency for Clocking
Latency assurance
Support for multiple operators
Multi Vlan support (CoC – Carrier over Carrier)
Vlan Transparency
Synchronization issues
Vlan translations issues


Clean pipe connectivity
Aries Systems will provide the clean pipe with unified platform to offer voice, video and Data services. Converged connectivity enables the operators to seamlessly scale the network as the demand grows.

The operators now can have their eNodeB and RAN connected over a pure Ethernet Network with higher uptime and secure connectivity.

End-to-End Fiber Network with Carrier Ethernet
To ensure consistent performance for your network, Aries Systems provides an end-to-end Carrier Ethernet Network with fibre infrastructure. Aries Systems own Fiber infrastructure is not available in most of the commercial business district but also can be extended to reach out to your cell sites or RAN or PTN nodes.

Quick Service Activation
Aries Systems is able to activate services for your tower, RAN, PTN nodes within the shortest feasible time due to the following reasons:
  1. Quick decision making
  2. In house Infrastructure teams to lay the cables
  3. Advanced Network management system for rapid service provisioning
  4. Well trained and experience team who understand the LTE/4G technical requirements
  5. Experienced in Carrier Ethernet Services

1. Trust Right Solution:
Connectivity for multiple cell sites/location using Carrier Ethernet technology for centralized Internet and voice connections
Move data storage and applications to cloud-based servers without sacrificing user performance
Network Architecture that enables the centralized management of important functions like content filtering and Internet security
High performance networking by leveraging Aries Systems’ enhanced fiber optic network
Easy and cost-effective ways to grow as budgets permits
Technology that enables operators to rollout the LTE/4G networks faster than ever!
2. Delivering Superior Customer Experience:
Acquire high-quality Secure and fully managed access to the Next Generation Carrier Ethernet network to offer 4G/LTE services to your end users without compromising on the bandwidth or network quality. With our extremely connected, low latency and fully managed network, Aries Systems delivers traffic between your eNodeB and RAN/PTN with low latency for a high-performance experience with fast upload and download speeds while ensuring the Network devices delivering services to you are available, regularly updated and monitored 24/7 from our Network Operations Center.

3. Why Choose Aries Systems for MBH Service?
Reliable and Tested Solution
High-speed, resilient and scalable Network Platform
Drive operational efficiency with a provider you can rely on.
Flexible service management options
Staff of R&D and Solution Engineers dedicated to finding the best services to meet your business needs
24 x 7 Customer and Technical support at all levels
Outstanding SLAs and quick response time
Excellent network protection with sophisticated traffic monitoring tools and enhanced Access control
Online Network utilization reports, including live Network and Router monitoring access through the NMS system.
Scalable bandwidth from 4Mbps to 10Gbps
Flexible Class of Service/Vlan options to meet the different application performance requirements
Aries Systems is an experienced Network Solution partner and has Proven track record to support National Celcos for LTE rollout
We can help Celcos/Telcos with the costs effectiveness for deploying communications and Internet services and we offer Rapid turn-up with Service Provisioning guarantee
Aries Systems provides Proactive Monitoring and support
Experienced technical team to offer Advanced Technical support


Aries Systems’ A-MBH (Mobile Backhaul Solution) can support up to multiple Gbps bandwidth with rapid deployment and upgrades option, multi 10gbps of connectivity between data centers. Flexible customizable switching and QoS policies are available to meet the MBH demand. Amazing Surfing experience can be offered to end users using Aries Systems’ NG Carrier Ethernet Network.

Cellular operators are given access to online monitoring to monitor daily use, Reports generation and live NMS view. This is to ensure the bandwidth can be upgraded before the congestions hits the Network.

With our MBH Solution you achieve:
Reduce unexpected downtime and performance issues
Lower your upfront capital investments and maintenance expenses
Predict ongoing network maintenance costs over time
Expand your visibility and oversight of configurations and performance reports
Gain access to the NGN Carrier Ethernet Network for better performance
Free up your time to concentrate on the core focus of your business
Aries Systems’ MBH Solution includes the high tech engineering expertise and Managed Services Team to handle the installation, configuration, and ongoing monitoring and management of network devices, Firewalls, Servers and Storage devices as well as dedicated 24/7 Technical support.


To provide better, faster and hassle free Connectivity experience along with higher reliability, managed QoS and bigger bandwidth to your users in the company or organization, you need our Managed MBH services. They offer:
Fast, high capacity and reliable bandwidth for your NodeB, BTS, eNodeB and RAN/RNC/aGWs/PTNs
Secure and private connectivity with clean pipe
Completely transparent to your clocking system, yet delivery the accuracy
Remote Management for the device and 24/7 technical Support
Vlan multiplexing by EP and EV services
System updates and upgrades regularly
Integration with your existing Network Setup or PTN
Support to provide failover configuration if needed
Round the clock monitoring by Aries Systems’ Network Operations Center (NOC)
One Stop Solution for your Mobile Backhaul, Network connectivity and Internet Needs